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Don't Purge!

It's been so long since I've posted...is anyone still out there?

My Busy, Busy Life...and Fashion!

 Hey, guys. It's been a while since I've posted, but that's because I got a new tumblr (shhhh it's secret) that I've resolved to update every day, and on top of that, a full-time summer job with a looooong commute, so I haven't had much time for posting. 

But just recently, I rediscovered my love for Net-a-Porter, spent a well-deserved break reunited with it, and found some items that I just can't let go. Here are my favorites:

(Left to right: Marchesa, Versace, Roberto Cavalli)

(Left to right: Rodarte, Roland Mouret, Alberta Ferretti) For some reason, links stopped working. Sorry!

(Left to right:  Donna Karan, Elizabeth and James, 3.1 Philip Lim)

(Left to right:  Erdem, Erdem, Etro)

(Left to right:  Herve Leger, Jason Wu, Lanvin)



Writer's Block: Extra! Extra!

If you worked for a newspaper, which section of the paper would you like to write for, and why?


I worked for a newspaper all through high school and still semi-work for one in college, and I gotta say, ain't no section like Op-Ed!

Yes, I Now Have One of Everything

 So I finally jumped the bandwagon and got a tumblr. Why? I saw some really great image-based ones that got me thinking that I could possibly make a fashion tumblr. So I did. I've yet to decide whether it's going to be exclusively fashion, or if I'm going to sprinkle in some of my other interests or even write some blog posts, but I'll cross that road when I get there.

If you're worried that that means I'll be neglecting my Livejournal, no worries. I've had this Livejournal for 5 years now, and intend to keep it up. And Livejournal has things that tumblr lacks. The ability to make picspams, the communities, the awesome online friends I've made here over the years. Besides, where else would I post all my private thoughts? As much as I like the exposure, tumblr feels a little too public for me. 

If you're interested in checking out my new tumblr, you can do so here.
Having been a long-time Family Guy fan, I never had any real desire to watch American Dad. I figured it would just be the same as Family Guy except Peter would be replaced by some guy with a big chin. However, once reruns of American Dad started airing on TBS and I was stuck at home during break immersing myself in TV again after going without in college, I decided, "Ah, what the hell, I'll watch it if it's on." After seeing maybe two dozen episodes of American Dad, and later watching Family Guy again, I was surprised at my own realization.

American Dad is funnier than Family Guy. Way funnier. And far more entertaining. 

Of course, many of my friends disagreed with me and it looks like public opinion favors Family Guy as well. My theory: People that choose Family Guy are either 1) looking for quick laughs instead of plot development or 2) haven't actually watched American Dad or have only seen the less-funny Season 1.

Here's a more detailed explanation for why I think American Dad is the better show: 
  • Actual plot development: Family Guy episodes do have a plot but it usually isn't until halfway through the show that we actually get to it. What is going on five minutes into the episode is usually long-forgotten and has nothing to do with what's going on by the time we get to the end. While not a major detractor from viewer enjoyment, it is a sign of lazy writing, at least in my opinion. Instead of a fully fleshed-out idea for an episode, it seems more like they have half-formed ideas for parts of episodes and are simply trying to string them together with some semblance of cohesiveness. It's like watching the inner mind of someone with short-term memory loss. What impressed me with American Dad was that jokes that were funny in the beginning of the episode have a direct relationship with jokes at the end of the episode which makes them all so much funnier. Many episodes even show *gasp* foreshadowing, a concept that seems foreign to Family Guy. One episode of American Dad starts out with Roger watching Lifetime movies about spousal abuse. The episode then cleverly has Roger finding a replacement Steve to play with only to become trapped in this new relationship as an unwitting victim of spousal abuse himself. Family Guy simply starts out with the whole family in front of a TV with a joke about an obscure 80s TV show. This rarely has anything to do with the plot of the episode. It's just another joke thrown in to get cheap laughs. Which brings me to my next point...
  • The jokes are relevant to the storyline: Family Guy is infamous for its incongruous asides and diversions. South Park famously lampooned this in an episode in which it is discovered that Family Guy is written by manatees who choose a random set of idea balls to form nonsensical jokes. Every joke Peter says seems to follow the format "Remember when I __________ (insert funny but random action) with __________ (insert random celebrity)". It's so easy, I can even do it right now. "Remember when I danced the electric slide with Stephen Hawking?" or "Remember when I attended Mia Kirshner's bat mitzvah with Mel Gibson and his pet orangutan?". Songs like "Prom Night Dumpster Baby" are funny and all, but what did they have to do with the plot of the episode? Nothing. In fact, I don't even remember what the plot of that episode was, because it took a backseat to the random song in the middle of it. In the episode of American Dad I mentioned earlier, Roger sings a song about all the good times Steve and him used to have being a thing of the past now that Steve has grown up. Why does he sing this? Because the episode is in fact about Roger being upset because Steve is growing up. I used to like the Family Guy jokes for their randomness but once again, they just seem like lazy writing at this point.
  • Better-developed characters: One of the things that bothers me the most about Family Guy is that a large portion of its jokes simply have to do with Peter being stupid and/or fat. After so many episodes of watching this, I just want to scream at them, "I GET IT!! Peter is dumb as deli meat and does stupid shit!" His over-the-top stupidity makes it really hard to see any redeeming traits in him. All of the Family Guy characters are just caricatures and can be described in one word. Peter is stupid, Lois is exasperated, Chris is stupid, Meg is victimized, Brian is rational, and Stewie is evil. Do they ever really deviate from these one-word descriptions of themselves? Rarely. Whereas Stan from American Dad is flawed, yes. He's selfish, self-centered, overly conservative, and oftentimes delusional, but many episodes deal with him having to realize his flaws and redeem himself, and at the end of the day, he does actually care about his family, and he just wants to be liked and admired.
  • Social and political commentary as opposed to pop culture references: Yes, I know that Family Guy occasionally will touch on political issues which makes for good episodes (Lois running for mayor, Brian and Stewie joining the army), but more often than not, it involves the family members getting into ridiculous situations involving celebrities and public figures (Bill Clinton, Britney Spears) instead. American Dad is essentially around to satirize right-wing Americans but it's a little more subtle than Brian and Peter traveling back in time and finding that Al Gore becoming president solved every problem in the world. 
And now I'm getting tired of writing so I'll leave it at this. American Dad is funnier than Family Guy. If you're a Family Guy fan who hasn't seen a lot of American Dad, I'd give it a shot before declaring Family Guy the best. 

But do you know what's funnier than both of them?

South Park.

Writer's Block: Unplugged

For how much money would you be willing to spend a whole week away from the Internet, TV, and mobile phones? Would you suffer withdrawal pains?

It was really hard, but I've done it before a couple of times (without getting paid). But if you're going to pay me for it, I might as well demand the small sum of 1 billion dollars. It's been a pleasure doing business with you.
 So I'm sitting in the laundry room bored out of my mind and I decided to check out some of my favorite clothing sites. Here are my picks:


Spinning Lace Dress ($288) 

I adore this lacey white frock. It's so girly and romantic! I can see this being really pretty with a soft pink cardigan, tons of layered necklaces, and either skinny brown boots or strappy sandals.

Corset Sweaterdress ($298)

This is such a deceptively simple yet sexy dress. It's not my usual style, but I like the shape that the "corset" part of the dress gives. For $298, it's def. not worth it, but a girl can dream, right?

Beaded Eglantine Cardigan ($128)

I love the color of this cardigan, and I like that the sleeves don't look too long as sweater sleeves tend to be for me. Perhaps this can go with the lace dress above?

Darjeeling Skirt ($128)

The lace on this skirt is just so pretty. I can see it being casual and pretty or dressed up and elegant. 

Matriarch Skirt ($88)

This skirt just gives a pop of color and playfulness to any outfit. I can see this pairing beautifully with black for something bold or brown for something more autumn-y. Either way, it's a beautiful skirt and I absolutely love that shade of yellow.

Peppered and Striped Skirt ($128)

I just love polka dots, I love gray + yellow together, and I think this skirt is endearing in a preppy kind of way. This would be just great paired with brown leather boots and a preppy blazer.

And some seriously gorgeous chemises:

Top to Bottom: Interpretation Chemise ($78), Evening Primrose Chemise ($58), and Forever in Flora Chemise ($58)

Anthropologie chemises could easily double as a dress you could wear out in public. And $58 for a dress ain't half bad. 

Top to Bottom: Sparkling Diamond Tights ($22), Tapestry Tights ($18), and Cathedral Facade Tights ($16)

$18 for a pair of tights as beautiful as the middle pair? Umm...fuck yeah!

Okay, I'm tired of shopping/blogging (shlogging? blopping?). To be continued....

 As someone who has stuttered since she was eight or nine, today is a day of recognition and remembrance for all that I, and stutterers like me, have gone through.

While my stuttering is relatively mild today and only an occasional problem, it was once severe and debilitating, dominating my life up until a few years ago. My fluency today is not the result of the thousands of dollars my parents spent on speech therapy or on one of those rhythm-correcting metronomes people claim work for them. My fluency came only after I began to accept myself, stuttering included, and to realize that the majority of people liked me even with my stutter. Rather than changing my speech, I changed my outlook on life.

I've been browsing stuttering forums recently and reading the dozens of "Help me!" threads with people seeking a magical cure to their stuttering, or worse, bitter long-time stutterers who simply shoot down any suggestions or hope other people offer. Stories like these tug on my heart because four or five years ago, these messages could have been written by me. Messages from people who dread talking on the phone or being called on in class, who are painfully shy around the opposite sex, who simply want to be able to say their name without any stammering, who are treated with bullying and rude questions, who have abysmally low self-esteems. I myself remember the lowest point of my life, in 8th grade, when I hid in the girls' bathroom, huddled on the toilet seat despising myself, rather than go to English and have to read aloud Margot's part in The Diary of Anne Frank. The pain of having to embarrass yourself every time you open your mouth and try to do a thing that seems to come naturally to everyone else is indescribable and, I believe, impossible for a non-stutterer to ever fathom.

So to all non-stutterers, please PLEASE understand that stuttering is not something to be taken lightly at all. It is a neurological disorder beyond our control. Please don't try to "help" us by telling us to breathe, talk slower, or relax. Doing so only makes us feel more self-conscious about our stuttering, which will in turn, make our stuttering worse. The best way you can treat a stutterer is to listen patiently as they finish their sentence, no matter how long it takes. Treat them like you would anyone else and find ways to show them that their stuttering in no way lowers your opinion of them. Your respect and love is really the best kind of therapy you can give them.

And to all stutterers, I know that every day, every conversation, every word feels like a struggle. You might find that substituting words you stutter frequently on with words you can say easily might feel like a satisfactory solution, but you are only hiding your stuttering, which will not make it better in the long run. Substituting words only makes you more self-conscious and turns stuttering into some kind of dirty little secret. Say what you want to say in the words you want to use, knowing that however badly you think you sound, you don't need to be a slave to words to express yourself. I spent years substituting before I was finally fed up with the mental lists of what was fluent and what was not, and simply spoke my mind (rather incoherently too).

Additionally, I know a lot of you are still holding out for a solution to your stuttering, and this is a subject of much debate in stuttering forums. I believe it is okay to be hopeful about a scientific or technological breakthrough. I too hope that one day, no one will have to suffer through what we have suffered through. But to let this waiting get in the way of self-acceptance is dangerous, and I think rather than sifting through all the scientific research on stuttering, learning to love yourself should be your more immediate goal. It's a sad paradox that my fluency improved only after I stopped caring about it, but acceptance truly is the best gift you can give yourself. Take pride in the things that you excel at and find people who accept you for everything you are. It's such a cliche statement, but it's true--the people who care don't matter and the people who matter don't care. There will always be people out there who don't care about your stuttering and will like you for you. 

I'm not saying that acceptance is a "cure" for stuttering. I still have slip-ups, I'm still not a fan of reading aloud in class, and I still have those characteristic self-conscious moments of shame. I'm by no means "done" with stuttering; I've only just started down this road and I realize I still have a long ways to go, but trust me when I say I'm a much happier person for it. Good luck!


Writer's Block: One Thing I Did

What is one thing in life your friends said you could/would never do, but you did it anyway?

Date my best friend's ex and still remain best friends with her. We're cool with it. 

The First of Many Long Prom Conversations

Having missed my junior prom last year, I'm even more psyched for my upcoming senior prom (the enthusiasm just rolls over...like unused minutes!). One thing to note is that within my group of friends, the guys are either super wimpy or plain don't care, so the girls did all the asking. For a little week-long period, it was a struggle to narrow down my list of potential prom dates, but fate seemed to narrow it down pretty well for me! By the end, the number of single, nice guys was as low as a rap star's pants and I had to jump on it or die.

Lucky for me, I rushed to it and asked my best guy friend who quickly agreed and said not only had he been planning on asking me too, he had even turned down some of the other girls that had asked him. -_- Yeah, so basically, all of the jumping on it was completely useless because I had a prom date the whole time and didn't know it. Regardless, I'm excited that he's taking me. He's the one guy friend that I truly trust and we always have a blast when we're together. He's pretty much the male version of me.

Last weekend, I went out and got my prom dress, which I am totally in love with. Once in a while, I start to take off the plastic bag over it to marvel in its beauty some more, but then quickly put the cover back on so as not to get it dirty before the big night. Here's a few pics of the purple version of it. I actually bought the fuchsia one because that's all they had in the store.

Reasons Why I Bought This Dress
  • It's freaking gorgeous!
  • I actually look SKINNY in it.
  • Fuchsia is a flattering color for my skin tone.
  • Spandex = Can hide some extra poundage
  • The beading is incredible. You totally have to see it in person.
  • The back of it is stunning and hot.
  • As far as prom dresses go, it was relatively cheap.
Can you see now why I am EXCITED?!? I've discovered that I'm incapable of talking about anything other than prom right now. I pity my friends, those poor poor people. They never stood a chance.

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